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Amadeo Peñalver

Amadeo Peñalver, born in Spain, began his studies of fine art in 1984 at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain. Upon finishing his degree in 1988 he won a prestigious scholarship to attend the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris. There, he works with a group of international artists involved in the European avant-garde. In 1989 he sets off for San Francisco to do research on Chinese Contemporary Art for his MBA at the University of Berkeley. He later leaves the program to dedicate himself solely to his artistic work.

In 1990, Amadeo continues his travels between New York, South America, and Europe. In 1991, he established "Ape Gallery" in Soho where he exhibits paintings, installations, performances, and sculptures with other artists. During this time his paintings are influenced by his travels, many of them nature based. This is especially notable in the Yellow and Magenta series, based on his experiences in the jungles of the Caribbean and the Amazon. In 2000, Amadeo founded the "Fish Tank Gallery" in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There he continues to share his ideas with the then newly bourgeoning, local art community.

In 2005 at the Catskills Natural Reserve, in New York, he created an open space, home to an art studio and sculpture garden. This space is continually developing. In 2007 Amadeo established "Peñalver Studio & P.S. ArtLab" in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where he experiments, creates, and exhibits art.

In 2012 he founded "San Bernabe" bronze foundry in Spain.

Amadeo's latest paintings have been created through performance, capturing the energy of the here and now.

Peñalver continues to work and live in New York City.

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Patricia Isabella Byron

"As an artist, I strive to interpret my visions of tranquility from brush to canvas. I am intrigued with the movement and dimensional complexity that forms with paint. Through my art, I aim to release a lyrical almost poetic introspective journey, where visual meets the emotional. I caress the personal treasure of memories into my work for the view to experience."

Patricia Isabella Byron was born in Naples, Florida, to English-Canadian & Italian-Honduran parents. The abstract artist and writer spent several years living in Turkey & Iran. During her travels through the Middle East & Europe, Patricia became captivated by the natural beauty & historical sites, she was compelled to paint & write about them. She is a descendant of Lord Byron & granddaughter of acclaimed Honduran writer & composer Fernando Ferrari. The communication through her abstract paintings is a spiritual motivation. Her subject matters are a mood evoking interplay of emotions & symbolic reflections.

Patricia has reveived two Editor's choice Awards from the International Library of Poetry, 20115 United Way Community Excellence Award nominee & 2006 nominee for Global Women's Humanitarian Award presented on behalf of the 1008 Wells Foundation. Patricia is Associate Faculty Instructor at Crealde School of Art, volunteer for the ABCs Art Program at the Coalition for the Homeless, art instructor for the Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida, & a past member of the Women's Caucus for the Arts.

Patricia's artwork has been exhibited at The Grand Bohemian Gallery, City Arts Factory, Banco do Brasil, Cassleberry City Hall, Art of the Vine, & various other group & solo shows.

In 2013, the Ontario Barn Vineyards of New York commissioned two of her painting to be featured on their wine labels.


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